All composition projects are due Mondays at 9pm

Submit your assignments on Blackboard with the following content:

  • An MP3 or WAV file labelled with the specified filename

  • Screen shot(s) of your software session

  • Supplementary text describing your process and the sounds you used

Compositions are graded based on technical proficiency (lack of technical errors), following the requirements outlined for each assignment, and musical creativity and imagination

Composition 1: SOUND COLLAGE (5%)

Due 9/30 by 9pm

Collage: an assemblage of diverse elements or fragments in unlikely or unexpected juxtaposition.

Make between 10 and 30 short sounds out of found sound samples. You can use the recordings made during the recorder scavenger hunt, record new sounds, OR use online resources. Use anything *but* drum/percussion samples. For example, you might make your short sounds out of birds, bicycle spokes, carpet scratches, or air conditioning sounds. Use ocenaudio (OR a software you feel more comfortable with) to edit your sounds, BUT limit yourself to the techniques available to old school tape music: changing speed, reversing, cutting, splicing, looping, and/or layering sounds. This means not utilizing digital effects or other processing. Once you have edited your sounds, assemble them into a composition that explores rhythm, texture, and space. You should experiment with possibilities beyond traditional beat-based music. What happens if you abandon pulse? How can editing the left and right channel individually affect the presentation of your sounds? How can density be managed over time?

Requirements: use at least 10 sounds less than 1 second each, create a 30 second composition using those sounds

Label files LastnameFirstname_soundcollage

Composition 2: TIMBRE CLOUDS (7.5%)

Due 10/14 by 9pm

Timbre is the quality of a sound producer independent of its pitch; it allows us to hear the difference between a clarinet and a trumpet playing the same note, for example. This composition should explore timbre changing over time and different musical sections (formal structure).

More specifically, compose a one to one-and-a-half minute piece that consists of three different dense timbre ‘clouds’ which are smoothly transitioned between. Each cloud (A, B, and C) should be smoothly and seamlessly transitioned between (two transitions total). You are welcome to use any sound sources and you can use any effects and sound processing techniques, but make sure that your end result is smooth, dense, and seamless. Experiment with layering audio effects in series and in parallel, changing source sounds significantly (“What sound is that???”), and using automation.

Requirements: three different timbre ‘clouds’, two seamless transitions between them, 1 to 1.5 minutes in duration

Label files LastnameFirstname_timbreclouds

Composition 3: Process / pulse piece (10%)

Due 11/4 by 9pm



Label files LastnameFirstname_process-pulsepiece.mp3

FInal Project (20%)

Due 12/9 by 9pm